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Old Indie Kid: Albums of 2021

Review by Old Indie Kid

#1 The John Michie Collective - High Vibrations

John Michie has a great knowledge of music from classic rock to contemporary weirdo indie.  Dubbed King of Wonky it is no surprise that High Vibrations is a modern take on Phil Spector and Pink Floyd recorded on bedroom equipment.  I was blown away when I played this album and have been told repeatedly by John that this is just the start and wait for the next one! John is currently selling off his vinyl collection to upgrade his home studio equipment and his guitar collection before starting to record his third album.  It’s been great chatting with John on Twitter this year and was a pleasure to interview him on my radio show.   He released two albums this year, the second ambient album Towards The Rainbow, wasn’t my bag baby, but was well received by the chill out community.  High Vibrations is a real treat for your lug holes as the sounds swirl around your brain - perfect for headphones but I’ve been cranking it in my car’s CD player all year, chin stroking and occasionally singing along with my son on our way to football.  This has been my most played album of 2021.  Favourite songs include The Mothership, I’ll Write Your Constellation, Beautiful Day & Wish You Were Dead.


Song Review "Al Momento Giusto" - Trust The Doc: Edition 61

Review by Neil March

Morpeth-based The John Michie Collective is a prolific artist and his latest track Al Momento Giusto is a warm, slowly moving ambient track. It sits atop a low drone with percussive synth tones playing long melody notes while quieter waves of sound come and go. In a sense it adopts a post-minimalist approach of gradually altering patterns and a circular motion whilst the difficult-to-identify sounds have shades of Brian Eno or Laraaji. It certainly holds my attention and maintains a warm glow throughout.


Song Review "When The Moon Breaks Up" - Trust The Doc: Edition 58

Review by Neil March

The latest track from Morpeth, Northumberland-based artist The John Michie Collective is called When the moon breaks up. It is a slow triplet time ambient piece with some spiky synths, wobbly keyboard arpeggios and sounds popping up like little minefields throughout. It has a kind of a happy vibe and is agreeably melodic as well as being striking for the choice of sounds and how they are used at different levels and with a great resonance. Like this a lot.


Album Review: Towards The Rainbow - New Album by The John Michie Collective

Review by

If your motto is 'Peace, Love and Bananas' then don't expect the mundane. John tinkers around the periphery of the mainstream with his music. He's probably the most unbound artist I know.

This album is a collection of noises, ambiences and soundscapes that I would hope helps John one day get hired by a Video Game production company. Because if I was lying on a bean bag wandering through a virtual world like...erm..Horizon Zero Dawn, hiding in a mulberry bush from mechanoid Tapirs I would definitely enjoy the experience a lot more if these sorts of soundtracks were noodling around in the background. Keep tinkering JM. It suits you. And keep buying too many plug-ins. You can never have too many plug-ins.

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Album Review: The John Michie Collective - High Vibrations (2021)

Review by MangoWave

"High Vibrations" is the debut album by Newcastle's one-person band The John Michie Collective. Sole member John Michie has prepared a fantastic journey through the human mind, truth, joy, life, and the beauty of it all. According to the artist, John Michie has lost his mind and recorded this album. Whether there is causality or dependency between those two happenings, one can only guess.

On "High Vibrations", The John Michie Collective is merging influences from several decades of soothing and yet moving rock music. The mesmerising psychedelia of the 60s is a steady companion of this sonic journey. But 80s Hard Rock and folky Americana tunes have found their way into the soundscape as well, and after all, the melancholic atmosphere of 90s Alternative Rock is covibrating with the 14 tracks.

John Michie coins his debut album with his unique style of songwriting and guitar play. Avant-garde structures dance between genius and insanity and thereby create a timeless Acid Rock soundscape. "High Vibrations" is a release that is defined by madness and liberty - a stunning and hypnotising album. Put this CD in your car stereo and you are about to have an awesome ride.

21 / April / 21


The John Michie Collective – High Vibrations CD

Review by

The John Michie Collective is unquestionably a rare phenomenon on the indie rock scene. Powered by marvellous ideas, exceptional musicianship, and a perfect understanding of balance, John Michie proves that some musicians don’t need involvement with the entire band at all. Mix these crucial ingredients with tremendous songwriting, composing, producing skills, and you got yourself High Vibrations, a profoundly detailed material fully stacked with loads of musical delicacies. Before High Vibrations, John Michie released the series of singles and extended plays, such as The Fool, Under The Stars, Wish You Were Dead, I’ll Write Your Constellation, High, Written In The Sky, and Nothing To Die For. Each recording included three compositions per release, so John Michie breaks the tradition by encompassing fourteen numbers within this interesting full-length.

Perhaps High Vibrations could be classified as an indie rock album, but The John Michie Collective embraces a vast universe of various music genres throughout the entire material. The predominant presence of psychedelic and progressive rock are the most dominant ones, but there are also elements of space rock, blues rock, shoegaze, dream pop, power pop, and disco included along the way. Besides the heavy involvement of psychedelic aesthetics, you’ll notice a retro sci-fi ambiance pervading from all the possible directions. These retro electronics were achieved by granular and modular synthesis, which were quite popular during the late sixties and early seventies, but they’re receiving a well-deserved comeback nowadays as well. Both psychedelic and space rock elements are gradually liberating even more layers of sound as the album proceeds towards the end, but John Michie also pays attention to the other genres throughout the entire recording.

With involvements of dream pop, power pop, and indie rock, this material carries some nearly cathartic, hypnotic, mellow-sounding ambiances that are overwhelming listening apparatus in so many ways. In combination with the psychedelic aesthetics, this album resembles something that Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, John Lennon, and Kansas would eventually record throughout their careers. While these artists probably heavily inspired John Michie’s tremendous work, his album undoubtedly resonates in an entirely different manner. The John Michie Collective unquestionably relies upon the psychedelic ambiances, synthy drones, generous dosages of progressive rock, contemporary indie rock accentuations, polyphonous dream-pop harmonies, and power pop chants. High Vibrations is a multilayered listening experience that will overwhelm your listening apparatus with cathartic melodies.

High Vibrations comes on a compact disc housed in a jewel case. The first 35 copies are signed by the artist. However, you can listen to this outstanding album on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube if you’re more into streaming services.

13 / March / 21

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Nothing To Die For by The John Michie Collective - Mixtape March 2021

Review by Old Indie Kid

 This is a collective of one but again another highly prolific artist who has unleashed a load of music over the last couple of months.  I’ve been enjoying his High Vibrations album (of the year) which is glued to my car stereo. John channels the essence of Spiritualized, Pink Floyd, Mercury Rev, John-Michel Jarre and The Doors often within the same song.

11 / March / 21 


The John Michie Collective – Nothing to Die For: Existentially Relatable Indie Psych Rock

A&R Factory Review by Amelia Vandergast

There was no forgetting multi-instrumentalist, The John Michie Collective, after hearing their 2020 release, I’ll Write Your Constellation’. After the release of their latest single, Nothing to Die For, their psychotropic experimentalism is permanently etched in our freshly altered minds.

With a touch of 70s rock in the spacey dreamy alt-indie single, you get the same feeling of ascendence as when you hit play on Lou Reed’s most psychedelically sweet tracks.

The romantic-in-spite-of-nihilism touch to the vocals and lyricism acts like an emotional sucker punch. For the aurally sensitive out there, don’t be surprised if Nothing to Die For has a bruising impact. It perfectly captures the collective sense of futility which breathes throughout our locked-down society and illustrates that your outlook can be as sweet as the tones in this enrapturing relatable release.

Nothing to Die For is now available to stream via Spotify.

2 / March / 21


The John Michie Collective - I’ll Write Your Constellation


The John Michie Collective is based on a solo artist who brings his talent through his indie-rock and psychedelic sound in his single ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’. From the moment it begins you’re greeted with this slightly eerie melody that then adds in these rather punchy beats that come pulsing through. Overall creating this real uplifting, infectious and energetic melody that flows throughout. Focusing on more of the sound elements throughout this piece, with a few fairly faded out vocals that flow throughout.

But, this piece definitely lets the talent that John himself has when it comes to the incredible way he pulls together so many sounds and it works so well. Combining these catchy beats, with create quite a smooth sound overall and then you add in the killer guitar riffs and the powerful sound of the violin, letting that all intertwine, having some real rock n roll elements but then also mixing that up with classical and just completely smashing it overall. John is certainly very talented and it definitely shows throughout this piece. If you haven’t already, make sure to check this track out, looking forward to seeing what John has up his sleeve next!

26 / Feb / 21

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The John Michie Collective And The Farout Cool Of High Vibrations

The Static Dive Review by Bob Smith

The John Michie Collective’s sound is borne of a great tradition of UK psychedelia. Ever since John and Paul dropped a little ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,’ English rockers have been exploring the within. In the 70’s Pink Floyd set their controls for the heart of the sun. In the 80’s, artists like Love & Rockets, Talk Talk and Robyn Hitchcock took that hippie aesthetic and married it to modern technology and postmodern Rock. From the 1990’s and into the present day the tradition continued in the Trip-hop of Tricky, the Alt Electronic music of Gorillaz and the dozens of similar acts they have inspired.

John Michie (the sole member of the collective which bears his name), is bringing the British psychedelic groove back to it’s organic origins. We first heard from him in January of this year upon the release of his single “I’ll Write Your Constellation.” Now we know that guitar-driven, hallucinogenic space-ride was just the tip of a very groovy iceberg. On February 12, 2021 he released The John Michie Collective’s debut LP “High Vibrations.” Over the course of 14 tracks he wields the familiar and bends it into new unforeseen shapes. With analog gear and a visionary soul he’s created a record of turned-on and tuned-in grooves that would make Timothy Leary proud.

“High Vibrations” opens with a sampled quote from the 1953 sci-fi B-Movie “Cat-Women of The Moon.” From there John lifts off for points unknown. A percussive journey of analog sounds manipulated by computer technology ensues. It is the perfect introduction to an album that surprises at every turn. From the lo-fi spaghetti Western Indie Folk of “Beautiful Day” to the instrumental celestial meditations of “Penny Was Her Name” and “The Astral Projection,” Michie treats us to a wild mix of the real and the surreal.

Some songs exist within a relatively traditional structure. However, ‘tradition’ in this case refers to that of the avant-garde. For Instance, songs like “Nothing To Die For” and the beautiful “Take You Home” sound like the products of some long lost collaboration between a White Album-era John Lennon and Pink Floyd’s legendary disassociated genius Syd Barrett. Meanwhile tracks like “The Ballad of John Wayne” and “Hung On You” exist somewhere in the space between singer/songwriter folk and a Flaming Lips acid trip.

Throughout the record Michie drops groovy little genre-fluid instrumentals like the mountain music Jazz/Funk of “Escape from San Francisco” and the melodic guitar/organ groove of “Monday Morning.” Betwixt and between, sampled voices from Hollywood’s past act as a Greek chorus, introducing themes and setting scenes. 

“High Vibrations”’ harkens back to the heyday of Album Rock, a time when we would drop the need on a new record and listen to it back-to-front with our closest friends. So, kill the lights, click on the lava lamp and stick a towel under the door. Set aside 48 minutes of your day for a well deserved escape with The John Michie Collective.

Listen to the entire “High Vibrations,” below. You can hear “Penny Was Her Name” on the Deep Indie Chill and “Take You Home” on the Deep Indie Dive. Follow the links below the video to connect with The John Michie Collective. If you show him the cave of gold he may just take you on his rocket ship.

12 / Feb / 21

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The John Michie Collective - High Vibrations

Makingascene Review by Martina Doerner

The John Michie Collective

“High Vibrations”

The John Michie Collective is a multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist from the North of England.

John is also a producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, photographer, graphic designer and record label owner, a really versatile artist.

Featured on BBC Sounds, BBC Introducing North East, Amazing Radio UK / US, reviewed by A&R Factory and Bob Smith of Static Dive / Billboard Magazine, his music has already made a name for himself.

Influenced by Pink Floyd, the early Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles and Velvet Underground, however, his music is unique and he brings art, euphoria and beauty under one roof.

The album:

14 fascinating songs and with “The Mothership” a start that gives you the feeling of landing on another planet. Psychedelic, gripping and an appetiser for what’s to come.

“Beautiful Day”, completely different from the first song, with strong lyrics and a mega guitar sound.

“Just say what you say

And get out of my mind

Just say what you say

And get out of my mind”…….

The third track “ Wish You Were Dead ”, melodic and yet somehow dark with an impressive piano playing and a surprising ending compared with a text that will be remembered.

“Nothing To Die For”, look, JMC can do ballads too and the lyrics are thought-provoking, my favourite on the album.

“The Ballad Of John Wayne” is a rock song, reminds me a bit of the 80s and is without a doubt a cool song, gunshots and a touch of country, a brilliant mixture.

“I’ll Write Your Constellation” brings us back to the psychedelic and all the breadth that JMC can do. Energetic, uplifting and almost out of this world.

These are just a few of the really impressive songs on an album that is sure to make a name for itself just like the artist himself.

The variety of instruments, the most diverse themes, tones and influences … The album is something of a painting for me that you look at and the more often you do that the more you discover. That’s what happened to me listening.

John Michie is not just a singer, he is a real all-rounder, innovative, refreshing, convinced of what he can do and rightly so.

12 / Feb / 21

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The John Michie Collective release new album, High Vibrations

Michael O’Neill discovers an album of gloriously bizarre guitar-based psychedelia - Narc Magazine

If not for the press release I have to hand, I’d be forgiven for assuming that John Michie was an otherworldly being who fell to Earth, absorbed the last 60 years of underground culture, and then spewed out this gloriously bizarre, kaleidoscopic carnival of sound. Indeed, High Vibrations is a universe unto itself.

The record, in his own words, explores “personality, truth, beauty, inspiration and euphoria in the form of guitar-based psychedelia”; it’s a very safe conceit, and one that undersells the sheer maverick force of the LP, which revels in being relentlessly unpredictable and multi-faceted, cunningly avoiding the classic pitfall of sounding like yet another third-rate S.F Sorrow. Instead, High Vibrations is an enthralling and head-spinning exercise in avant-garde acid-soaked splendour. More often than not, the record sounds like a pummelling descent through a tilted hall of mirrors, with a plentiful supply of galvanising left turns allowing the LP to remain enthralling and relentlessly entertaining. Michie wisely avoids letting the sheer audial cacophony overwhelm the quality of his songwriting, making for one hell of a refreshing experience. It’s an utter delight, and a bold new frontier for psychedelia.

12 / Feb / 21

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Album Review – The John Michie Collective – High Vibrations


The JMC are someone that have been on my radar for a while now, just because the name is interesting and echoes such artists as The Spencer Davis Group and of course The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Well this full named artist isn’t a group, it’s just the main man John’s solo recording tag.

Anyway John sent me the album to listen to and give my critique, so what is it?

Well in a nutshell if Tame Impala were from a Northern England council estate I’d expect them to sound like this.

It’s like an anti space age Noel Gallagher album, if he teamed up with The Strokes. It’s the astral twin of the recent Teenage Waitress album. It’s also echoes Pink Floyd or late era Beatles.

It’s Wonky Pop (I’ve just invented that).

Kicking off with the instrumental Mothership, it’s the bastard son of NG’s Fort Knox, it’s menacing and a great opener.

First proper song is Beautiful Day with its Wonky guitars, like an acoustic Strokes song covered by The Beatles. It’s really rather good.

Wish you were dead continues with more Wonky (sorry) piano and Beatleish Revolution type guitar riffs. It’s my favourite off the album. Should be a single please Mr JMC.

Nothing to die for is a slower type ballad where John comes over all Bobby Gillespie whilst the track build and builds. The lyric nothing to live for/nothing to die for sticks in your mind for a long time.

The album is peppered throughout with samples that rekindles thoughts of the great Depth Charge who used samples to great effect in the early 90’s. It gives the album a cinematic/soundtrack feel. Something David Holmes likes to do.

The song The ballad of John Wayne is like a glam rock stomper with surf guitars, gun samples and ends with country guitar style and harmonica, it’s really cool.

John really pushes himself musically throughout the album akin to what Teenage Waitress is doing but this is darker and moodier. Sitars, Banjos, oriental sounding guitars are used and tracks like Take you home and Escape from San Francisco brought back memories of those other Wonky pop maestro’s Mercury Rev.

However its Pink Floyd that influence this album throughout and the final few tracks I’ll write your constellation and Astral projection bring the dark side of the moon into view, but with strings, beats and Gilmore guitars.

Overall it’s an accomplished brave debut and is very different to what else is out there and it’s certainly out there but no less interesting for it. John is confident in what he wants to sound like and that comes through on all the songs.

There is certainly a place for this type of music and with the likes of Pocket Lint digging a similar furrow, it’s an exciting time for innovative musicians and I look forward to see how it’s received.

So set the controls for the heart of the moon, coz The JMC are coming into land.

For fans of Tame Impala, Noel Gallagher, Pink Floyd, Death in Vegas.

Let me know what you think.

The Album is released on the 12th February an available to stream from all well known sites but if you can please purchase a download of the album and help musicians.

Peace n Love


10 / Feb / 21


The John Michie Collective - I'll Write Your Constellation

We’re hitting the audience today with a totally astral track going by the name ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’ brought to you by none other than the John Michie Collective. JMC, hailing from the beautiful Newcastle upon Tyne, England, is an astounding artist, writer & producer who’s been on the rise as of late. This particular recent release of his, which you can stream below, is one of the most enchanting electronic rock productions we have heard in a very long time over here on the Affinity Ascension Network. For a one man show, JMC has proven to be more than capable of tying in all the essential elements required to devise a masterpiece that makes the listener feel as if they are one with a divine utopia.

As we enter the beauty that dwells within ‘I’ll write Your Constellation’, we are first encountered with a melodic vocal reconstruction reminiscent of the main vocal lead of John Michie himself. The man has an incredible set of pipes and because of the addition of his wondrous vocal work, his track is taken to unimaginable new heights. Following shortly after is one of the most magical set of guitar plucks you will ever hear; the pattern set will literally leave your ears filled with pure ecstasy. Just these few elements alone allowed for such a beautiful intro to be synthesized. It takes true production skill to be able to finesse such a delightful opening. Because of this, JMC was able to set the scene for the monumental inner workings he lays forth onward.

JMC being a writer, is clearly extremely cognizant of the language arts, as seen within the lyrical prowess of his chorus: ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’. The chorus within “There’s a place and there’s a time, take yourself into the light” holds lush substance in turn fostering a lofty fragrance for listeners to relish upon. What’s so fantastic is that the meaning can be interpreted differently depending on the listener. When deciphering vocals over here on my end, I always take into consideration the vibe of the entirety of the track and here we’re dealing with something truly positive and uplifting; a feeling that mainly stems from the wide usage of instrumental additions such as JMC’s angelic violin patterns paired up with his transcendent guitar constructions.

At the end of the day John Michie is a legend whose soul purpose is to invoke bliss & harmony within his listeners. It is said that his art “explores personality, truth, beauty, inspiration and euphoria in the form of guitar-based psychedelia. John will surely paint a perpetual picture of glistening motion in your mind.” The man performed this task eloquently in our belief and we hope he does for you as well. Make sure to have a listen for yourself below so that you can be carried away to a paradise where only light fills the inner workings of the soul :)

23 / Jan / 2021


The John Michie Collective - Beautiful Day

Henry Yates (The Guardian, Classic Rock, Guitarist, NME, Total Guitar)

Woozy and wonderful, like a great lost White Album outtake...

21 / Jan / 2021


The John Michie Collective - I’ll Write Your Constellation

The Other Side Reviews - Germany

'I'll Write Your Constellation' warps to life in an attention-grabbing manner before the musical tones twinkle against your ears. The vocals blend with the atmospheric music for a soft soundscape.

12 / Jan / 2021


The John Michie Collective - I’ll Write Your Constellation - Eric Alper

"Cool Song."

10 / Jan / 2021


The John Michie Collective - I’ll Write Your Constellation

IndieTapes Music Blog - Germany

This is such a special kind of psychedelic rock. Today The John Michie Collective’s latest release ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’ caught my attention. It’s such a fantastic mix of fresh guitar solos and hazy synthesizers, a sound that gives me some energetic and relaxing vibes at the same time. If you’re seeking for demanding indie rock tunes, you should definitely check this out.

5 / Jan / 2021


The John Michie Collective’s Hypnotic Guitar Chill

Static Dive Review by Bob Smith

The John Michie Collective is the professional name of John Michie. Not actually a collective at all, John is a multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist from the North of England. The Collective is the quintessential one-man band. Michie writes, records, produces, mixes and masters his music entirely on his own. He explains his art as an attempt, “to explore personality, truth, beauty, inspiration and euphoria in the form of guitar-based psychedelia.”

We were introduced to John’s uniquely trippy vibe in 2020. Through the course of the year he released a series of four, 3-song EPs. Among his inspirations he lists artists like; Pink Floyd, The Beatles and The Velvet Underground. We can feel their influence. He paints chill sonic scenes with a sound that mixes classic psychedelic moods with modern Lo-fi and an Indie Rock aesthetic. 

“I’ll Write Your Constellation” is the title track from The John Michie Collective’s most recent EP, released on December 11, 2020. With “Are You Experienced” inspired flashes of backward guitar and drums, ethereal female voice samples and Michie’s own esoteric and sporadically applied vocals, the song floats in a very chill headspace. Throughout the tune, multiple tracks of guitar, violin and piano play swirling and complementarity overlapping melodies. It is a great sound that brings to mind some of the best work from Australia’s similarly psychedelic band, The Church.

On February 12, 2021 The John Michie Collective will release his debut album, the aptly titled “High Vibrations.” The 14 track record consists of both new and previously released music. John shared an advanced copy of the LP with The Static Dive, and it is a wild trip through time, space, synths and guitars. Check out “I’ll Write Your Constellation” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Be the first kid on your asteroid to pick up a copy of “High Vibrations” when it is available.

4 / Jan / 2021


John Michie Collective’s deft talent in sculpting a serene sound that is distinctly their own.

Fruit Sonic Review by Colm Slattery

The John Michie Collective - I'll Write Your Constellation

The John Michie Collective gives the classic psychedelic rock sound a modern touch on their lush “I’ll Write Your Constellation”. Everything on the track has a smooth quality from the sly lilt of the guitars to the gracious glow of the synthesizers that underpin the action. Rhythms too opt for a unique driving quality one that nods a little toward krautrock’s more cosmic adventures. Nicely layered the entire track is easy to get lost it for the swirling atmospheres positively soothe the soul with good vibrations. Melodies here drift up into the air with a light breezy cadence to them.

After a short sample the groove starts right up. Vocals feel attuned to the rest of the sound as they go for a low-key cadence to them. The way the whole of the track seems to explore feels outright joyous. Within this adventurous spirit they never lose sight of those incredible hooks the sort of things that easily lull the listener into a wash of carefully laid out layers. Multiple layers intermingle and are woven together to create a vast tapestry. Nearly kaleidoscopic the whole of the piece radiates a calm, cool sensibility for the band features impeccable interplay. By working together as a single unit they explore a whole other universe, one ever so comforting and quietly celebratory.

“I’ll Write Your Constellation” shows off the John Michie Collective’s deft talent in sculpting a serene sound that is distinctly their own.

4 / Jan / 2021


Boulimique de Musique

A highly melodic electro-rock composition with a psychedelic side where the sound aesthetics recalls both of Tycho and Death In Vegas. The guitars marry marvellously well with the keyboards on this totally bewitching track with synthetic arrangements frankly inspired!

2 / Jan / 2021


Zimel Music Brazil

Pedro Marinho

This is a very nice song. It’s got a beautiful style on the melodies and a gorgeous production. I really liked the music video, as psychedelic-ish as it is; it really fits the vibe of the track and sets the mood. It’s a beautiful work.

1 / Jan / 2021



Eduardo Ohana

Nice track! I loved the strings, loved the vocals, the dark vibes, the post-punk guitars, all the FX used, I just loved it!

The lyrics are very simple but they matched the song just fine, nothing too complex on the vocals so the listener can focus on what's more interesting: the instrumental. Speaking of it, the instrumental is absolutely incredible! The drums are so nicely played, especially the 4-on-the-floor parts, I think it gave the song the groove it needed. The bass-line is simply driving as it should and absolutely not bad.

I think the mixing and overall production are perfect, every single element, every sound on this song is perfectly captured, mixed and equalised the way it should have been.

31 / Dec / 2020


The John Michie Collective goes interstellar with their latest Alt Psych single ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’

A&R Factory Review by Amelia Vandergast

The John Michie Collective has put a new twist on the already twisted Psych Rock genre with their latest single ‘I’ll Write Your Constellation’.

With classical strings cutting their way through the soundscape which contains transcendently experimental disco beats, angular guitar notes and the transfixing trickles of Neo-Classic keys, I’ll Write Your Constellation is as beguiling as Dark Psych gets.

Hints of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Phobophobes and The Velvet Underground may be detectable, but the multi-instrumentalist will undoubtedly be appreciated by anyone looking for enlivening ingenuity rather than assimilation from new artists.

There’ll be plenty more to come from the UK-based artist in 2021, making room for The John Michie Collective on your radar will undoubtedly pay off.

The John Michie Collective’s latest single is available to stream on all major platforms.

28 / Dec / 2020

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"High Vibrations - The John Michie Collective"

by Synic Spins

Believe it or not ladies and gents, but I have never touched a drug in my life. Okay, besides booze. Nobody's a saint. But tonight for the first time, my ears took acid. At least that's how it felt. For today I had the humbling honor of taking an early look at the debut record of The John Michie Collective. High Vibrations is set to release on February 12th of the new year, but this lucky son of a bitch got to dig into it a couple months early.

The album is quite the auditory tome - 14 tracks all recorded by the one man band John Michie himself. Not an easy feat to write and record so many unique tracks all by yourself. So kudos to you sir for the accomplishment. But then again in the year 2020 I suppose we're all a one man band are we not? John couldn't have met with his band even if he had one, else they'd have to seat 6' apart and quarantine for 2 weeks after recording a track.

The album opens with "The Mothership," a nearly 3 minute instrumental which leaves listeners feeling as though they had been mind-fucked by an alien. And I mean this in the best way. Admittedly it takes me a minute before I really get into it, but once I'm hooked, I'm hooked. I was surprised at how perfect of an album appetizer it was.

The tracks that follow make it clear to me that John Michie's primary instrument of choice is the guitar, for that is where you will hear the most variance and unique riffs. The percussion and other instruments are nice additions by all means, but their rhythms are kept very simple and rudimentary so as not to overshadow the guitar. He accurately calls himself a psychedelic songwriter, and the psychedelia comes almost entirely from his guitar. It's the slow break in the guitar where the backing instruments can really shine and mellow out your aural trip. The second half of the record is very instrumental, which I've never been into really, but it somehow works here.

Truthfully, I liked this album a whole hell of a lot more than I thought I would. That is not meant to sound like a dig at the John Michie Collective, but I have to make my distaste for psychedelic rock known. That said, Michie nails it. He has a truly enjoyable listening experience here, even for the sober audience. His vocals are a little drowned out by the instruments for my taste, but this was by design as he wanted to feature the guitar more than his voice. The effect his vocals are recorded with a very typical for the indie psych rock artist, but they work rather well in this case. If I could say one thing that I would change, it would be to ditch the staticky samples that begin each track. They take me out of the trip and I don't want to lose touch every 4 minutes. Once I'm in, I want to stay in. I'm sure these samples are used on purpose, perhaps to add to the overall message or experience, but it's lost on me. Full disclosure I found myself ignoring them each time.

All in all I have to congratulate The John Michie Collective for the impressive feat accomplished here. Her wrote and recorded an entire full-length one man band solo album and got it ready for release, all in one of the worst years in human history. And what did I do? I sat on my ass and wrote about it.

Favorite Track: I'll Write Your Constellation

Least Favorite Track: Penny Was Her Name

Rating: 8.0

13 / Dec / 2020

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Album Review
"Wish You Were Dead"

"High Vibrations" is the captivating new album from The John Michie Collective by The Artists Central

"I lost my mind. I made this record." Is the opening statement from the one man band before the launch of his new full 14 track project scheduled for release on 12/02/21. The John Michie Collective has been making bold moves over the last year with several noteworthy single and EP releases, steadily making strides towards his major debuting project. Impressively as discussed with the artist, the ball is really in his court and he owns every last square of it. The glistening production, organic instrumentals, mixing and artwork are all his of his own creation. Making clear proof that in today's modern and tectonically unstable industry, some artists are more than just musicians but the whole package, The John Michie Collective is by no means any exception.

The album itself is full to the brim of psychedelic twists and beautiful unorthodox sonic approaches, something the artist has been leaning towards with his previous EP project and only intensifies on the album. "The Mothership" which serves as the opener delivers with a synth dreamy intro and a constant guitar riff leading into an adventurous close. Setting the tone for the rest of the project we lead into "Beautiful day"and Wish You Were Dead" a powerful number from his previous EP. "The Ballad of John Wayne" is also a classic record "Bang Bang don't stop" says the artist as we delve into a drum heavy song, with swag vocals that uplift and showcase his confidence for making more edgy and risqué tracks.

Most impressively is our personal highlight is "Escape from San Francisco" short but the sweetest you could ask for. A gorgeous guitar solo doubles with a country acoustic guitar and a clever bass backing that makes for an enthralling listen. Even without any vocals par the opening sample this is some of his best work. Showcasing the artists multi instrumental talent with a varied array of instruments. Closing out the album is definitely the perfect culmination of everything TJMC has been working on over the last number of months. No doubt his listeners and followers will be in high anticipation for what is in store.. something tells us they won't be let down, not one bit.

23 / Nov / 2020


"Wish You Were Dead"

The John Michie Collective returns with new EP "Wish You Were Dead" by The Artists Central

The artist has certainly been keeping things moving this year, with a plethora of releases and singles each contrasting in style and individualism. Which brings us to his latest three track project "Wish You Were Dead" an intriguingly enticing title chosen by the artist. The first song and lead single is a powerful statement a wavering electric guitar plays next to hard hitting piano strikes and distorted vocals, with some background vocals keeping things tame, a quick tempo switch begins around the 3-minute mark which leads into a drum padded break before reaching back into the climatic chorus. Hey Hey the second song is a throwback of originality some beautifully arranged guitar a short but much welcomed piece.

Finally The Sun is a real mixed bag of Rock and almost electro trance blended into one probably one of the most experimental records in the artist catalogue so far, a brave but decisive move. Overall a pleasantly delivered EP from "The John Michie Collective".

21 / Nov / 2020

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"Under The Stars"

The John Michie collective release masterful synth single- "Under the Stars" by The Artists Central

The single which forms part of the artists upcoming album entitled High Vibrations sets the standard high leaving the listener with eager anticipation for the full body of work set for a release in February next year. The nostalgic feelers are present throughout, with the opening synths setting the tone for the rest of the track. Delicate backing vocals soften the song adding a sweet touch towards the second half on the record. Relying heavily on the instrumental side of things the artist creates a sonic landscape that is most encouraging. A real credit given most commercial and alternative releases these days place incredible importance on the vocal aspects of a song. But here it more than carries itself without, were looking forward to the release of the album and in the meantime lets enjoy the spectacular single that is "Under the Stars"

5 / Nov / 2020

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"Under The Stars"

AliveAndGigging Review by David Dryburgh

John Michie is from Morpeth, a small town just outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne and is the sole member of The John Michie Collective.

He started making music two years ago when he finally decided to change career and record the songs he had been writing since aged fifteen. This moment came after a series of jobs, whether working as a secondary school teacher, in politics or finance, he has been there. None of these jobs proved satisfying. 

His music covers indie, alternative, acid folk and psychedelic music reminiscent of the late 1960s and early 1970s. His influence are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grimes, Bowie, John Martyn, Fleetwood Mac, The Chemical Brothers, Talk Talk as well as the great instrumentalists such as Lalo Schifrin and Brian Eno.

The John Michie Collective released his debut single The Fool in September and has followed this up with Under The Stars which came out on Saturday 24 October.

Under The Stars is the lead single from the debut album High Vibrations which is earmarked for release in February 2021.

The track is a fantastic experimentation of sound, it initially gives us a very atmospheric melody with its piano keys and muffled vocal, before we get the underlying fuzzy instrumentation and snare drums which create a very chilled beat.

The track gives us a great change up as the piano drives a much more dreamy and ethereal rhythm, which fits in perfectly with the title of the song, under the stars indeed.

Under The Stars is a great song to chill to, it’s atmospheric beats and dreamy melody will have you nodding along and the change ups keep it fresh and interesting, the only disappointment is when the track ends.

Give Under The Stars a stream now.

2 / Nov / 2020

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"Under The Stars"

Brecon Indie Reviews - Mary Wood

I always know, at the beginning of a video; by wide open, freaky imagination..Gonna be good! This, really is! I watched this landing in first grade and it escalated my fascination of the moon and stars. This piece owns a meticulously, well produced score. I really like the rhythmic base that is very contemporary for a 60s event, yet, suits so well. Perhaps, this all intimates the timelessness of and need for all world, heroic achievements now? The ghosted in voice, here and there, adds a transcendent flavor to the production. The electro-instrumental plugs are wonderfully strange and bring even more bang to the anticipatory and post landing thrills shared WW. The moon in your video, especially at end could be considered a COVID reference; need for world unity? Very cool!

12 / Oct / 2020

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"Under The Stars"

Banks Radio Australia

One of the highlights of 2020 on Banks Radio Australia, an amazing piece of music, invigorating and hypnotically splendid with an infectious vibe.

12 / Oct / 2020

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