High Vibrations

Release Date: 12 02 2021

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"Woozy and wonderful, like a great lost White Album outtake...” 

Henry Yates

(The Guardian, Classic Rock, Guitarist, NME, Total Guitar)

"Transcendently experimental"

Amelia Vandergast

(A&R Factory) 

"An enthralling and head-spinning exercise in avant-garde acid-soaked splendour"

(Narc Magazine)

"Leaves listeners feeling as though they had been mind-fucked by an alien.

And I mean this in the best way"

(Synic Spins)

1) The Mothership

2) Beautiful Day

3) Wish You Were Dead

4) Nothing To Die For

5) Monday Morning

6) The Ballad Of John Wayne

7) Hung On You

8) Take You Home

9) Escape From San Francisco

10) Under The Stars

11) Written In The Sky

12) Penny Was Her Name

13) I’ll Write Your Constellation

14) The Astral Projection

“I lost my mind. I made this record.”

The John Michie Collective is a one-man band whose art explores personality, truth, beauty, inspiration and euphoria in the form of guitar-based psychedelia. John will surely paint a perpetual picture of glistening motion in your mind.

In his song writing, John is predominantly siphoning psych stalwarts including Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, with a touch of Lalo Schifrin and Fleetwood Mac, yet in no way does John fail to present an original approach to his sound and to song writing. John presents a uniquely avant-garde expression of the modern pop structure.

His debut LP High Vibrations, veering from multi-layered instrumentation to sparse drone, is crafted around a punchy, upbeat tempo, which works to display how John is able to accomplish a firmly controlled freak-out. Decadently embellished by the pretty sounds of space, and propelled by a smooth and tranquil baggy beat, John’s low, washed-out vocals retreat among the languid soundscapes, encouraging a wholly atmospheric disposition. The LP is not without its hooks though. ‘Wish You Were Dead’ has undoubtedly potent lyrics and instrumental breaks, cinemising hallucinogenic tendencies to provide comfort to an itchy trip, while ‘Hung On You’ offers an ode to The Factory era sixties, with a velvety bassline crush.


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