Toward The Rainbow

1) Sun State

2) Golden Olive (Part One)

3) Nothing, Something, Everything

4) Dispersion

5) Al Momento Giusto

6) Migration

7) Heading For The High Ground

8) When The Moon Breaks Up

9) Fingerprint Terrain
10) Golden Olive (Part Two)
11) Eternity

Shabby Road Records (2021)

Sleeve Art New.jpg

High Vibrations

"Woozy and wonderful, like a great lost White Album outtake...” 

Henry Yates

(The Guardian, Classic Rock, Guitarist, NME, Total Guitar)

"Transcendently experimental"

Amelia Vandergast

(A&R Factory) 

"An enthralling and head-spinning exercise in avant-garde acid-soaked splendour"

(Narc Magazine)

"Leaves listeners feeling as though they had been mind-fucked by an alien. And I mean this in the best way"

(Synic Spins)

The Debut Album from The John Michie Collective.


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